Frequently Asked Questions

What is Geo-Map?
Geo-Map is an easy-to-use online mapping and analytics tool that allows you to map data from spreadsheets, databases and CRM in seconds. Geo-Map turns this data into a real-tine interactive map that gives insights and enables decision-making!
Do I need to download or install software to use Geo-Map?
No. Unlike our competitors, Geo-Map is an online or cloud-based mapping solution. The advantage of this is that access is available from anywhere with a live internet connection. Just use your existing browser to log into your account. Any work you create is securely saved within Geo-Map servers, which only you can access.
How secure is my data in Geo-Map?
Geo-Map provides the highest level of security available to online service providers.
What happens to the data I upload?
All data uploaded to Geo-Map servers remains there securely – until you decide to delete it. Geo-Map is not viewable by third parties, at any stage – unless you allow it.
What locations can I map?
Geo-Map will create a data map of any location in the world – you just need at least 1 address/set of coordinates in that location. So, if all your data points are limited to South Africa, a map of South Africa will be generated.
I've never used mapping software before… is that a problem?
No, Geo-Map has been designed to be used by people with no mapping experience, whatsoever.
What type of data can I upload to Geo-Map?
As long as your data has a location element – e.g., address , postal/zip code, coordinates, etc – it can be uploaded to Geo-Map and then plotted on a map. It's really that simple!
What kind of maps can I create using Geo-Map?
You can create a simple point map that places your data points on a map; a heat map that shows level of intensity of a given value (.e.g. Red for high occurrence, Yellow for low occurrence, etc); a radius map to reveal data within a given radius range from a center-point, a bubble map that shows volume by pin size and territory maps, where you can customize areas on a map to suit your business operations.
Can I place Geo-Map on my website?
Yes and it's super-easy to do. We will send you a snippet of HTML which you can use to embed your Geo-Map on your website.
Can I export to PowerPoint or print my maps?
Yes. To use Geo-Map in your presentation, export to JPEG, PNG or PDF formats. Alternatively, you could include a link to your Geo-Map and explore a live map with your audience.
Where can I get some examples Geo-Map?
You can request Use Case examples or a demo with your own data by filling in the form on "Contact Us" page.